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At Edward the Elder we have a simple aim: To help you prepare your child for a happy and successful life.

We know we can only be effective by working with every family. We encourage dialogue with our families, so everyone is well-informed and able to understand the best way to work together for the good of each child.

We are a school that is confident about our values and how our ways of working will help give your child a good start on their journey towards a valuable and enjoyable life. Our work is based on three principles:

• High standards of expectation and commitment to reading, writing, mathematics and information technology. These are the skills we need to learn all the other subjects and, in the end, these are the skills your child will need when they decide what they need to learn to live the life they choose.

• Learning that is active interesting (and, every now and again, fun!). Children have many different talents and ways of learning and we aim to help everyone to shine. To be educated for the real world a child needs to be able to make things, solve problems, work with others, not merely record things in writing and numbers on paper or a screen. Pupils who feel valued learn best and we believe that pupils who can make their own decisions, talk in teams, listen and persuade or stand up and present their ideas to others will be able to take on the study and employment challenges of the modern world.

• Children learn best when they feel confident, so our school places a high value on celebrating the children's achievements with the whole family. Edward the Elder is a welcoming and caring environment where good behaviour and respect for each other are valued. Our aim is to help the children develop self-discipline, so they know what is right and do that from choice. Good choices are rewarded and consequences follow when poor choices are made. People who have self-confidence and feel they belong usually behave well. That's why we take pupils on camp and residential visits - to let them succeed at new challenges and feel part of our community (and because it is fun!).

At Edward the Elder good manners are highly valued. "Please," "Thank you," and "You're welcome," are phrases we expect everyone in school to use at every opportunity. This is how we expect children and staff to speak to each other to make our school a welcoming place. In practical terms we know that people with good manners do better in life because opportunities are given to polite people.

So, what do we expect from you – the parents and carers of the children of the school?

• We expect you hear your child read, ensure they complete any homework and give them time and praise when they are interested and want to learn more.
• We expect you to make sure your child is equipped to learn. This means they are only absent when they are truly ill; they come to school on time; they have a good night's sleep and breakfast so they are alert and happy in lessons.

So, what do we expect from us – the staff and governors of the school?

• That we create a caring community.
• That we will listen and talk to you, so your child knows that school and home both care for their success, happiness and well-being.
• That we will work hard to make sure we deliver and model all the things we say we value in the words above.


Edward the Elder Primary School

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