Edward the Elder

Primary School

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
• To equip all children with the skills to reach their true potential and to be happy and successful.

Our school is a place:-
• which is a welcoming, safe, exciting and enjoyable place in which to learn,
• where lessons are stimulating and challenging and we always do our best,
• where we all show care and respect to ourselves, others, our school and the community, where our differences are celebrated,
• where parents and carers are encouraged to play an active role in their child's/children's education,
• which makes a positive contribution to the wider community, where we are encouraged to make healthy choices and follow a healthy lifestyle.

We always:
• listen to whoever is speaking and follow instructions
• have good manners and treat each other kindly
• show respect for one another and our school
• do our best
• walk around school quietly and sensibly.


Edward the Elder Primary School

Moathouse Lane East
West Midlands
WV11 3DB

Phone: 01902 558765


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