Edward the Elder

Primary School


The admission limit for this School is 30.

Parents and Carers of children who have been successful in obtaining a place in the Reception (Foundation) Class will be notified in the Summer Term prior to the Academic Year their children will enter School. Children joining the School in the Autumn Term (September) of an Academic Year will begin their Induction into School in the Summer Term. Detailed information of this process will be made available at the appropriate times.

Equivalent arrangements are made for those parents and carers whose children do not join the School at these times.
The Governors of Edward the Elder Primary School support the LA's Admission policy and procedure as expressed in the LA booklet "Starting School". Copies of this booklet are made available to all parents to assist them when making their application for their preferred school for their child. Parents of children who attend our Nursery are reminded that attendance in our Nursery does not guarantee their children a School place.

Further Information about School Admission Arrangements can be found on the following Website.


Edward the Elder Primary School

Moathouse Lane East
West Midlands
WV11 3DB

Phone: 01902 558765


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